Since 1964 our expert services have evolved into waterproofing traditions built on 4 generations of experience and knowledge .  For over 30 years New Forte Waterproofing has been servicing satisfied customers in the GTA and surrounding areas. We are leaders in structural waterproofing and related needs.  We provide a 2-25 year warranty in most cases so you can rest assured that your investment is dry and safe.


Call Nick and get a quick quote. If its a basement that needs  an inside crack repair solution, or excavating of a building complex  or a house give us a call.

Our “Forte” is the product of the many successful jobs that we have completed across Toronto.  Whether it be residential, commercial or institutional waterproofing, New Forte Waterproofing has the know how to get the job done right.

How Do You Know That You Have a Waterproofing Problem?
Protecting your basement from the damage caused by leaks is an extremely important step in having a safe and comfortable home.  In order to find out whether your home is at risk you can give your basement a quick dryness assessment.  If any of the signs listed bellow seem familiar in your basement then you are at risk of water damage.

Give your basement an initial assessment and check for: • Cracks • Dampness • Mildew • Musty Smell.  These are some signs that your basement is at risk!

To further assess water damage in your basement look for: • Water Leaks • Dampness • Seeping Foundations • Window Well Flooding • Seeping Tie Holes • Peeling paint • Warped Paneling • Fungus or Rust • Musty Smell. If any of these describe your basement, call New Forte Waterproofing immediately for your  free assessment and on site consultation . 416-748-3647

We are recommended by: Home Inspectors, Real Estate Agents, Engineers, Water Damage Contractors, Property Managers, Custom Home Builders and Home Owners.

All of our work is accompanied by a written guarantee so call today for your FREE no obligation on site consultation and estimate.

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